Refurbished Base Units



Every instrument undergoes a systemized, rigorous, down-to-the-frame refurbishment process to rebuild each instrument to its original specifications and intended use.


  • Instrument decontaminated
  •  Preliminary inspection of functionality
  •  Instrument disassembled down to the frame

Aesthetic Restoration (extent of restoration is performed on a case by case basis at Rankin’s discretion and can include the following processes)

  •  Panels, chassis and internal surfaces stripped and prepped for painting
  •  Prepared surfaces primed and painted with industrial-quality, chemical-resistant paint.
  •  Labels replaced to original appearance

Refurbishment & Reassembly 

  •  Mechanical, pneumatic, and electronic assemblies disassembled, cleaned, restored, and reassembled
  •  Worn assemblies, components and parts replaced with new assemblies, components and parts where needed
  •  New components and parts can include pumps, motors, heaters, cables, belts, O-rings, diaphragms, gaskets, tubing, touch-pads, bottles, casters, doors, lids, fittings, valves, and other parts
  •  Instrument reassembled to its original condition in accordance to OEM specifications

Diagnostics & Troubleshooting 

  •  Assemblies function tested and adjusted for proper operation
  •  Full system diagnostic testing conducted

Performance Validation

  • System tested for electrical safety
  • System successfully calibrated with certified materials to ensure proper functionality
  • Quality Control testing conducted on established parameters using certified tools and control material 


For over 25 years Rankin has supplied refurbished anatomic pathology equipment to thousands of university, hospital, research, industrial, commercial and in-office laboratories that perform diagnostic and research testing and analysis.

Rankin provides a comprehensive line of refurbished and new equipment, as well as providing service, depot repair, parts, installation, training, and service agreements.

Rankin believes in producing only high-quality refurbished equipment which comes from spending more time and effort on the equipment than other companies in our industry. We call it our Rankin Extreme Makeover. Refurbished equipment from Rankin clearly stands above the rest of the pack due to its unmatched aesthetic quality and functional durability.

Either by coincidence or design, we fit Bing’s definition of the name Rankin perfectly, “of the best quality or the highest standard.”

Rankin’s special attention to the needs of our clients and trusted third party service providers has built our reputation in the industry. And our clients save tens of thousands of dollars by purchasing equipment at 50 to 80% below new prices.

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